About us

The school was founded in 2002 by Sandvik AB and the municipality of Sandviken. Sandvik is a global, highly technological company, mainly within the steel- and metal industry. It has approximately 37 000 employees in more than 50 countries.

Sandviken is situated in the heart of the county Gästrikland. The municipality has about 39 000 inhabitants, and offers a rich cultural life, recreational outdoor areas and good housing. All of us, working at the school, have together created one of Sweden’s most successful technical upper secondary schools; our aim being to supply the growing need for competent technicians and engineers within the Swedish industry.

The education

Göranssonska Skolan is a three year long technical upper secondary school, where the students have the possibility to study an extended curriculum.

During the three years, the students are given a solid general education, combined with courses within the fields of cutting machining and automation. Theory and practical training is mixed within the frames of the education.

All students are given the possibility to reach 2 800 study points, which gives them a general qualification to college/university studies. The students are also given the optional opportunity to study subjects that are requested for technical college/university education.

Our education also gives the students good prerequisites for a working life, immediately after graduation. Technician within the fields of production and automation, maintenance technicians, production leaders and operators are possible professions.

Place of work

Our philosophy is that the machines and the equipment at Göranssonska Skolan should reflect the existing equipment at a highly technical company. The school’s computers, programmes and the machines in our own workshop are continuously updated.

Every student gets his/her own desk and computer. Göranssonska Skolan is a professional place of work, which has the same demands on the students that a future employer will request from them.

As a student, your schooldays cover 38 hours a week. At our school, you have your own computer, your own desk and take great responsibility for your studies and your results. At Göranssonska Skolan you will get support and inspiration to continuously develop yourself, within your studies and your study group.

We find it important to develop the whole human being; therefore, you will get extra time for athletics and motion. Outdoor activities and teambuilding are frequent parts of the education.


Jennifer, former student

I chose GS since I like technology. It is a good school with a lot of interesting possibilities and connections to the company Sandvik. We study 4 years in 3 years, which gives me all prerequisites needed for college/university studies. My plan is to become a civil engineer in the future.

Maria, Year 3

I am interested in technical subjects like Mathematics and Physics, therefore I chose GS. The advantages with the school is the variation between theoretical and practical courses. Besides it is also a good school with great facilities and work training at Sandvik.

Andreas, former student

GS is a good school, it is fresh and nice. The food is good and the education is excellent since it has a connection to the company Sandvik. The integration between subjects is well functioning, since we work a lot in projects. You can always ask the teachers for help, and the school is small and familiar.

Gunnar, employee at Sandvik

I started GS in 2002, thereby being one of the first students graduating from the school. After graduation, I chose to study at KTH in Stockholm. In 2010 I graduated as a civil engineer, machine technology, specialized in industrial economics. Today I work as a manager at SMS’ production unit in Wuxi, China. Before that I held a position as Technical Production Manager at SMS’ production unit in Waukesha, Wisconsin in the USA.

Sanna, employee at Sandvik

I graduated from GS in 2005 and started to work as an operator at SMT. There after I studied at Högskolan in Borlänge, and today I work as a lab technician at PDC tools, Sandvik Mining and Rock Tools.



Exciting Projects

A corner stone in our education is the idea of using theoretical knowledge in a lot of practical projects.

Many of the projects contain design, construction and production. The final product is often made in the school’s workshop. One of the major projects in the school is Young Enterprise. This concept means that the students in Year 2 start their own company, with the aim to develop and produce a product in our workshop, as well as market and sell it.

Throughout the years, the students have reached great success with their Young Enterprise companies and have won several prizes, both regionally and nationally. 

All projects at GS are run by a study group, consisting of eight students. An important part of the education is the parts where we work with team building, group dynamics and the working process.



Practical Training and Summer Job 

As a part of the education at Göranssonska Skolan, our students get 15 weeks of work based training at Sandvik or partner companies to the school. These weeks are important and give the students an insight in the production process, e g product development, maintenance, manufacturing and R & D.

To give the students an insight in foreign countries’ working life culture, the students have the possibility to have 3 weeks of work based training abroad. This is applicable to that extent that there are suitable, and enough, placements. These work based training weeks abroad, are also a part of the education at Göranssonska Skolan, and the cost for travel and accommodation is paid for by Sandvik or partner companies to the school.

To gain even more experience of the industry, all students have the possibility to work at Sandvik or a partner company in Sandviken during the summer after finishing year two and three.





How to apply

You can apply to Göranssonska Skolan if you are in Year 9 and under the age of 20. Application can be made through your school’s student counsellor.

Admission to the school is through your grades from Year 9. At our website, you can find current dates for visiting our school.



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